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Charlie Happylife, from Stamford, CT, plays a mix of Original Love songs and instrumental music. Charlie plays the guitar, bass, programs the drums and sings. Enjoy the songs and keep an eye out for new songs that are in the works. 
My current Demo releases tend to be more pop-oriented love songs like Fantasy and Don't Say Goodbye. Falling Down is about my teenage daughter coming of age. Tkae is about a texting only relationship ha ha. 
I started to play guitar when I was 9. In the beginning, I played a small acoustic with nylon strings, which really helped me get my chords and strumming together. I was a big Rolling Stones fan, then Beatles, Hendrix, Yes, Zeppelin, plus all the pop songs on the radio. 
I spent years playing in cover bands, performing Top 40, more progressive music like King Crimson and Miles Davis, and I also worked for 4 years in a Reggae band. 
I'm a fan of ALL Music. Just tell me what key(s) the song is in and let's jam and let the magic happen. Any of the Songs with RED in the title is from way back when I was just a wee lad. Those jam tapes from the basement are cool places to go. It's a blast to jam with someone, doesn't mater what age - I once did a great jam with a 6 year old on piano - you never know. 
Roses is a song by Tommy Sands that I arranged with lyrics about a US National Guardsman that is called to duty in Iraq. 
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Charlie Happylife

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